The White House on Monday defended President Barack Obama’s decision to travel to Saudi Arabia this week for a three-day visit and the Saudi-led military campaign against Iran.

The White House released a statement saying that the President is in the midst of a three day trip to Saudi King Salman and is focused on strengthening relations with the kingdom and the region.

“The President’s trip comes after he met with King Salman during a visit to the Kingdom last week, which was also attended by King Salman.

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of trying to destabilize the Middle East by supporting terrorism and has accused its enemies of orchestrating the deadly attacks in Riyadh, in which a Saudi-born imam was among those killed.

The White the President and King Salman agreed to continue the fight against terrorism and agreed to a cease-fire in Syria.

Saudi Arabia and the United States have been in a prolonged military standoff over a disputed region of the Arabian Peninsula.

Iran has accused the United Kingdom of aiding Israel and its allies, including the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, and of supporting the Syrian government.

Trump is due to attend the United Nations General Assembly on Monday and a White House official said he is considering a statement from the U.S. at the meeting, but that the administration will not be commenting on the issue.