The Northeast region has been experiencing a downturn in recent years, with a significant drop in the amount of income that residents earn from rent and utilities.

The region has also experienced a sharp drop in economic activity, particularly as the recession has hit.

The recession has also hit the Northeast hard, with economic losses in the region totaling $7.6 billion in 2015.

A report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that unemployment in the Northeast region reached 15.3% in October, the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

That means that approximately two-thirds of the region’s unemployment is tied to job losses.

The U.N. Economic Commission on the Environment estimates that nearly $10 billion is lost to the region each year due to the impact of the recession.

These losses are the main reason why the region has struggled to maintain employment, according to the National Review.

According to the study, this means that residents in the North have had to work harder and longer to find jobs than those in the South.

It also means that the region is less likely to attract and retain talented workers, which can lead to a drop in wages.

The National Review’s study, entitled The Northeast Region: The Rise and Fall of the Regional Economy, estimates that the North is currently losing around $8.7 billion in gross domestic product each year.

While the report does not delve into specific economic figures, it notes that in 2015, the region lost about $3.9 billion in wages and wages earned by the workforce due to reduced jobs.

In addition, it states that the unemployment rate is currently 11.3%, which is slightly higher than the overall national rate of 11.4%.

According to economist Scott Sumner, the report makes clear that the Northeast is losing jobs, not being able to attract more talent.

This can have a devastating effect on the region, and that is the real issue with the region.

“It’s a real concern for the Northeast because it’s the only region that has a low level of high-skill labor,” he said.

“So that means that you’re going to have a lower workforce in the coming years. “

There’s been a decline in people that have had the experience and the skill sets to get those jobs and the people that are qualified for those jobs are not being trained,” he added.

The economic impact of these types of cuts is already being felt in the metro area. “

The question for us in the future is how to increase those levels of labor and skills, and what can we do to make sure that the economy can move forward, and if we have the right policies in place, that we can get the economy moving again.”

The economic impact of these types of cuts is already being felt in the metro area.

The Regional Economic Outlook Report by the BLS, released in April of last year, showed that wages in the Metro region were down about 7.6% in the second quarter of 2015.

The number of jobs in the metropolitan area decreased by 8.2% in July of last season.

“This was the first time we’ve been in this situation in a while,” said Daniel H. D’Amico, the director of the Economic Policy Institute.

“We’re not going to see this recovery and growth that we were seeing for a long time, and it will have a real impact on our region.”

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