The region is the heart of the nation.

Its economy and culture are very distinct.

It has a rich history and culture and has a wide range of languages, languages spoken and languages spoken by ethnic groups.

But how does one understand the variation in economic growth, social and cultural changes in this diverse country?

We will look at the history and cultural differences between the two provinces of the state of Davao, which together comprise the Central Visayas.

We will then look at how regional variation can help us understand how these regions have evolved and where they might be heading in the future.

In the article you will find the following chapters: How the region evolved and what is its future.

The regional economies that have emerged and the economic policies they have adopted.

What the regional economies are doing differently from those of the past.

How regional economies can be improved.

The economic growth in the region, its strengths and its weaknesses.

The key drivers of regional economies.

The impact of globalization and how it may impact the development of the region.

A look at some of the important regional industries in the state.

The emergence of the middle class in the province of Davo and how the middle classes have been growing in the last few decades.

The development of various sectors of the economy, including tourism, health, retail, and service sectors.