The first time we went to a regional football game in Rome, it felt like we were heading to a second-hand shop.

There was the atmosphere of the city, the atmosphere in the stadium, the way the games were set up.

It was a different world to our one here in Turin, and the local fans were the same, so we had to be prepared for it.

The last time we played in Turino, in the Super Cup, we were playing at the Coliseum, which was just a short drive away from where we were in Rome.

It had a slightly different feel, as we weren’t playing a major competition, but we were still there for the game.

The game was the second leg of a double-header, with Juventus taking on Lazio, the third-tier side of the league.

It wasn’t the best game we had played all year, but it was a good test of our mettle and of our ability to win in this sort of atmosphere.

The first leg was played in a packed stadium with around 100,000 people in attendance.

There were about 300,000 at home.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric.

We knew that we had the right people at the stadium for the occasion, and we had all the support we needed.

When the game started, we had a very clear idea of what to expect.

Juventus were going to dominate possession in the first half, and when we got into the second half, they were more relaxed and we started to find a rhythm.

It felt like they had a different mentality than us, which is a very nice feeling to have.

In the second period, we scored two goals in the last 20 minutes, and it was just like a different game.

They started to dominate the game in the second part, and after that, it was as simple as that.

It made the difference, but that’s the way we have to play.

At the end of the first leg, we won 3-1 thanks to two goals from the strikers.

The second leg, however, was the most difficult.

We were tired, and there was a lack of intensity in the final minutes of the match.

The players needed to be at their best, and in this atmosphere, the difference was really apparent.

We started off with a great start and scored our second goal from a corner, but then they scored their third in the 57th minute.

We lost the lead in the 88th minute, and then in the 96th minute they scored again.

They kept the ball well, and they controlled it well.

We took the lead just when they needed to, and from there it was over.

The atmosphere at the Stadio San Paolo was very good.

The crowd was very big, and all the supporters were really enjoying themselves.

We didn’t get a lot of the ball in the game, but the crowd was really passionate, and you could hear the voices of the fans behind the goal.

It really was an experience.

After the game we went home, and I was in my dressing room talking to my friends.

Everyone was very pleased with the performance, and so was I.

We played again in the Europa League in the quarter-finals, and again we didn’t manage to win.

It’s a different kind of atmosphere in Italy, but I think we showed that we can perform in it.

I was very happy that we won the match in Rome and that we showed everyone that we were capable of doing well here.

It’s very tough to play in Italy.

We are the third best side in Serie A, but you need to put in some extra effort to play against that level.

In my experience, we need to get used to playing against a better team than us.

We knew we could play a tough game against Juventus.

We made a mistake in the Champions League semifinal and lost 3-0, and even though we lost the game 3-2, we played really well.

But at the end, it wasn’t enough.

We had to wait for a bit for the next game, and this is when the mood in Turinos locker room was really good.

In the second game, we didn.

We had a couple of chances, and for that we have some regret.

We’ve done so well so far, but in Turini, we lost 2-1.

It seems that they play a lot better.

I hope that in the future, when there are fewer and fewer teams in Serie B, that the Italian fans and the players will get used the same way.

The best team in Italy?

We can’t say that.

We want to show that we’re not only a great team, but a very strong team, too.

It was a really hard match to play, and a tough one to win, but there was some good energy from the whole team, and everyone showed his or her best.

We wanted to do