Israel is facing its own droughts, which experts say are largely due to climate change.

The country’s drought has already affected farming and livestock production.

In recent weeks, drought conditions have worsened and farmers in the country’s Galilee region are suffering, as the region is prone to flooding and other environmental disasters.

On Sunday, the state’s chief water officer warned farmers that the situation could deteriorate even further.

“We are facing more and more problems with drought in the Galilee,” said the water resources department’s spokesman, Yael Haimovich.

“This is the first time we have seen this in the past 20 years.”

In response to the drought, Haimich said that farmers were being asked to “act as if they are still in the middle of the drought.”

The water ministry also told the country that it was suspending the production of water from the Galilees.

Haimovich said that if farmers continue to suffer, it would be “an unfortunate and tragic situation for all of us.”

This story has been updated to include a response from the Israel Water Authority.