Posted October 02, 2018 03:14:18 We all know that people with learning disabilities are more likely to be unemployed, underemployed, or on the dole, and that there are many reasons why.

But how well do these people fare when it comes to obtaining jobs?

In the case of the Davao region, a new study found that people who have disabilities are actually better off than those who don’t, and the best way to achieve their goals is to embrace the diversity of the region.

The findings are based on the research of a team of scholars from the University of the Philippines and the Davos School of Management.

The research was conducted on people with hearing disabilities in the Davai Region, the southernmost province of the province.

In the study, researchers interviewed 959 people who identified themselves as having hearing disabilities.

These people were asked to identify which regions in the country had the highest number of employment opportunities for them.

The team identified that there was a difference in the way people with disability were treated, especially when it came to receiving job offers.

For instance, the surveyors found that the average employment opportunity offered to people with a hearing disability was 5.5 percent, while those without hearing were offered 5.4 percent.

The study also found that there were other factors that influenced the employment rates of people with or without disabilities.

For instance, people with low income levels and those with family responsibilities were more likely than those with disabilities to be employed.

However, there were also significant differences in the outcomes for people who were either employed or unemployed.

For example, people who had a hearing impairment were offered a lower number of job opportunities than those without a disability.

The results also showed that there is a gap in the job market for people without disabilities, with people with special needs having significantly lower job opportunities.

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