New Android Wear apps, better battery life, and more are all coming to the smartwatch in the coming weeks.

The update comes alongside a new beta, which you can grab right now for $30.

The beta is rolling out in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US, with a launch in India coming later this month.

A full list of devices that are getting the update is below.

For more information on Wear OS 5.1, check out the changelog and watchlist below.

Android Wear 5: WatchOS 5.2 is the first update to the watchOS 5 release.

The newest version of the OS brings with it improvements to watchface management, battery life improvements, and new watch faces, along with improvements to Android Wear integration.

The beta is available to new users for free.

Here are the major changes:The watch faces and watchfaces will now use the watch face engine for rendering animations.

This allows for faster performance for animations that require the watch to be connected to a screen.

This is a major improvement over previous versions of watchOS.

The watch face can now show all the available animations for an entire day in the Activity tab.

This also applies to watch faces that have been manually added to a watch face.

There’s a new button in the main activity view that allows you to show the animation on a watchface for the entire day.

This update will also add support for new watchfaces that have not yet been available on Wear devices.

WatchOS 4 was able to support these new watchface-based watchfaces, but the beta of Wear OS 6 means that all of these are now supported.

The latest watch faces are available in the Play Store and the Google Play Store.

The watch faces in the beta are available to buy right now.

For a full list, check the changelist above.