By Michael GartlandCNNHealth contributorEditor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series.

The first is about the rising cost of housing in cities.

The West is the only region in the world that has been able to sustain a steady, stable and healthy economic boom.

We’re the only one of the five major industrialized countries in the OECD with a population of more than 200 million.

But there’s a dark side to that success story.

The region’s growth and prosperity has also made it the epicenter of the nation’s largest economic inequality crisis.

And it’s the reason for the national debate over immigration and the role of government in helping the West.

The debate has become a key battleground in the election.

It’s also the story of the West’s future.

“The West has long been the center of American growth, but its prosperity has been undermined by its reliance on foreign-born workers and low-wage foreign-owned industries,” said Michael E. Green, the director of the Brookings Institution’s Center on Migration and the Economy.

“The West’s growth has been largely dependent on immigrants and the cheap labor they provide.

If that’s what happens to the West, it’s going to be devastating to our economy.”

The rise of the regionAs a region, the United States has been growing at a steady pace since the 1980s.

We’ve grown at an average of 1.6% a year over the past 30 years, according to Census Bureau data.

That’s the fastest rate of growth in the nation, surpassing the national average of 3.3%.

We’re not doing it on our own.

We have to have foreign-based companies coming in to fill our jobs.

The problem is, we don’t have the workers to do them.

There’s too much competition, too much specialization.

We are a nation of migrants and low wages.

It is a recipe for stagnation, and it is also a recipe to our economic decline.

It’s a narrative that has fueled national debate and public policy debates over immigration, trade, and public-sector spending.

The most contentious of these debates is over whether immigrants are the primary drivers of economic growth.

The issue has also become a hot button for presidential campaigns.

But it’s one that hasn’t really been examined by the media.

“Immigration has been one of America’s great political stories for a long time,” said William A. Leach, a professor of economics at the University of Michigan.

“It’s been an issue that’s been debated, debated in the public sphere, but the debate has not really been framed in terms of the specific impacts of immigration.

And that’s because the debate’s focus is on how to deal with immigration.”

Leach says the West doesn’t have a strong track record of supporting immigration reform.

We just haven’t been a particularly skilled, open-minded country.

And so, he said, the debate on immigration and immigration reform has mostly focused on immigration reform at the federal level.

In the last decade, the federal government has spent more than $1 trillion on immigration enforcement.

The federal government is currently responsible for the largest percentage of the cost of illegal immigration in the country.

In recent years, Congress has debated a number of immigration measures.

Many of these proposals would make the U.S. less open to immigrants, including more visas for high-skilled immigrants.

But the focus of immigration reform hasn’t been on immigration at the state level, Leach said.

Instead, the focus has been on the federal program.

It has been a bipartisan effort to create a comprehensive immigration bill.

Some of the bills passed in recent years included a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, better funding for border security, and a path to citizenship in the case of people who were convicted of crimes or were involved in human trafficking.

But for now, the only bipartisan proposal to make a difference is the one the West has seen most of the time.

“This has been the debate in Congress,” Leach told CNN.

“And it has been pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

There is no consensus in Congress.”

That’s where the idea of a border wall came in.

This proposal was supported by many conservatives.

But Trump, the party’s presidential nominee, was against it, as was the White House.

The idea of securing the border came in part from Trump’s own immigration proposal, which called for a fence, not a wall.

But there’s little to no evidence that Trump ever made the wall a central part of his plan.

Leach said the debate about immigration reform was mostly focused in the 1980-2000 era, when Republicans controlled Congress and many of the statehouses.

But that’s not the case today.

There are many Republicans in Congress today who oppose the idea.

“They want to build a wall and get rid of everybody, which would be really bad for our country,” Leaches said.

“But if you

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