The BJP government in the capital, Daxing, is set to make a series of announcements on Wednesday, including an effort to promote a sense of regionalism.

On Tuesday, Jaitly announced that the government would start a ‘Daxing Region’ programme.

It is a campaign to promote local pride, to give local people the opportunity to showcase their talents, to encourage them to travel to regional cities and to spread the region’s history, heritage and culture.

The BJP is also planning to announce a new programme, the ‘Davya-Sriya’ programme, that will be designed to help people get a better understanding of the regional and national cultures.

Davyas people are indigenous to the region, while the Sriyas are the region of Tamil Nadu.

Both these languages and culture are also spoken in the rest of the state, while in Kerala, the Dravidians are the predominant language in the state.

A large number of Dravidian languages are spoken in Kerala.

This means that even though the state is an autonomous region, the language and culture of Kerala are similar to that of the rest and are very much part of Kerala.

The BJP has also launched a programme to promote tourism.

In order to ensure a more vibrant tourism industry in the country, it is planned to create a Tourism Development Fund, which will be directed to the tourism industry.