DAPA CITY, Philippines— The port of Doha, which is set for opening later this year, will bring new jobs and jobs-related services to the region, the country’s regional administration said Tuesday.

The port will allow Filipinos to travel to Asia and Europe and bring back money to support their families, as well as improve their living standards, said the regional administration’s chief executive, Aline Linares.

Doha will also offer more services and products for the local population, including a public hospital, an educational center, a grocery store and more, Linare said.

It will be a significant development for the Doha area, Linores said.

The Doha port is expected to attract about 1 million residents and help support the region’s economy, according to the Regional Development Plan, which was announced on Tuesday.DHAKA, Bangladesh— Bangladesh’s economic boom is going to be brought to a halt by the impending arrival of the world’s biggest container ship, the containerized freight vessel, Doha-based Doha Maritime said Tuesday, in the largest shipment of its kind.

The Doha Shipbuilding Corp. said it will construct the new Doha Sea Cargo terminal and its terminal will be able to handle a maximum capacity of 5.8 million tons of container cargo.

The terminal will allow the company to supply some 1.5 million residents, said Muntaz Khan, the company’s chief operating officer.

It is expected that the terminal will open by 2020 and will handle a total of 5 million tons, he added.

Dahis shipping service was created in 2012 and has a capacity of about 1.2 million tons a year.

The project was launched under a $2 billion grant from the government of Bangladesh, which has given Dhaka $2.4 billion.

Davao, a port city in the northern state of Davao, is scheduled to be the world market for the container shipping company, which also operates the Kolkata-based Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Dhaka-based company said it plans to build a new terminal in the city.

The new terminal will have a capacity to handle 1.4 million tons cargo per day, with a maximum speed of 5,000 kilometers per hour, the Dhaka shipyard said in a statement.

The shipyard also said it was ready to build an additional terminal for cargo in the southern port city of Surabaya.

Dhaka-linked Indira International Airport was also named as the site for the new terminal, the airport said in its statement.

Indira Gandhi, the second-longest runway in Asia after Tokyo’s airport, is also being built, with an expected capacity of 4.8 billion tons of cargo per year.