In this edition, we explore the impact of regional variation on the world’s population, our livelihoods, and the future of civilization.

As the population continues to increase and adapt, we are facing an unprecedented crisis in our region.

In this second edition of the Global Geopolitics series, we examine the potential for regional variations and how they might affect our future.

We look at how these regional variations affect population growth, migration, climate, and economic development.

We also consider the challenges that regional variations pose to the health of the planet, including our dependence on carbon dioxide and the potential impacts on biodiversity and food security.

We find that the regional variation that exists is a significant threat to our civilization and future.

The article will also be updated to include the latest developments in climate change, which will affect both the global and local climates.

The book was originally published by Next Big Futures in November 2018.

Learn more about the book: Global Geospatial Technologies: A Guide to Global and Local Geospatially-Engineered Solutions for the 21st Century by Kevin J. Meyer and Stephen B. Anderson.

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