This article provides an overview of how to use Region 6 to introduce regional variation in your application.

It also provides a general overview of regions and provides a reference guide.

Before you begin To start using Region 6, you must have the following items installed: a set of application resources that are created in the app’s manifest.

You must add these resources to the application manifest before you begin using Region.

To create a resource, select the resource and then select Add Resources from the context menu.

In the context menus, you can choose to add a reference to a resource or create a new resource.

You can also click Add in the top right of the context list to add your own resource.

Once you have added a resource to the manifest, you will need to configure the application’s manifest file.

For more information, see Configuring your application’s application manifest file for Region 6.

This article contains the following sections: Application Resources.

This section describes the components that the application needs to provide in order to use a region.

You might also want to add the following additional components: a region’s identifier, which is a unique identifier that identifies the region.

This identifier can be found in the application settings.

If you want to create a region that is not available in your global catalog, use the region’s unique identifier instead.

You may also want a resource that identifies your region’s specific geographical area.

You should create a regional-specific resource.

This resource can be created in a location outside of your global application, and can be used to identify the specific geographical areas where your region is located.

You also can add a resource for each regional location in the region you want the application to be available in.

To specify the location for the resource, use Add Resource in the context of the resource.

If the application has a different region than your application, you might want to change the region identifier.

If your application has no region, you may use the local application-specific identifier (LSID).

This identifier is unique to your application and cannot be changed by the global application.

If no region is specified, you add the region and use Region to create the resource for the region in the location that the region is in.

If there is a region in a particular geographical area, you do not need to add it to the region, as you do for other regions.

You add the resource to a location in your Application Settings for a region to use it in your App Locator, so that the regional resource will show up in the Locator.

You do not have to use the location in Locator if you add a regional resource to Locator by selecting the Locators tab in the global catalog.

If a region is not specified, the location is used as the local resource.

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