The Economist has published an article titled Which country had the highest percentage of millionaires among the world’s richest 100 countries?

The answer is a country with a population of over one billion people.

The Economist reports that the world had 3,624,932 millionaires in 2015, the second highest number of any country after the United States with 3,936,967 millionaires.

The article states that this number represents the wealth of the 1,058,074 millionaires in China, followed by the United Kingdom (2,939,851), Japan (2.924,857), France (2.,948,831), the United Arab Emirates (2.;849,827), Germany (2.:859,846), United Kingdom, Spain (2:936,.898), United States (2;938,836), France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands (2 : 1,858,639).

However, according to the Economist’s data, the richest country is Russia with the world total wealth of $22,621,091, followed closely by the UK ($20,064,087) and United States ($18,908,923).

China is the only country in the top 10 with a higher share of millionaires than the United Nations, with China having 7.5 percent of the world population.