A key part of Trump’s energy strategy is the rolling back of Obama-era regulations aimed at protecting the coal industry from mountaintop removal mining.

But it’s a strategy that could have unforeseen consequences.

article Politico title Trump says ‘there are going to be consequences’ for coal miners article Trump has pledged to withdraw the U,S.

from the Paris climate accord, but has not outlined any specific plans for how he will achieve that goal.

The administration has not provided any details on how it plans to comply with the agreement.

In a speech in April, Trump said that he will try to use the leverage of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to force other countries to “change their ways.”

The administration is also planning to roll back an Obama-imposed rule requiring coal-mining companies to report on their pollution.

In June, the U.,S.

Department of Labor said it will impose an additional 1.6 million regulations on the coal mining industry over the next 10 years, according to the Hill.

The White House did not respond to questions from Politico about how it intends to comply.

Trump has also promised to end the rule, saying that he intends to work with Congress to change it.

The White House has said that it will not enforce any of the new regulations on coal companies, including the new rule requiring them to submit their pollution data to the EPA.

The rule was finalized in the early years of the Trump presidency.

In a recent speech to the National Mining Association, a trade group for the mining industry, Trump made a broader push to reverse environmental regulations, but only if Congress agrees to “make good on the promises” he made during the campaign.

“We have to be able to negotiate and have a good trade agreement, so that when the miners come home they come home feeling that their jobs are safe and that they have their money,” Trump said.

Trump also has vowed to cut off payments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for carbon pollution.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has promised to reverse that policy, saying it was “completely wrong and immoral” and that he is willing to renegotiate the deal with Congress if Congress fails to do so.

Last week, the White House unveiled plans to slash the EPA’s budget by $6 billion and slash enforcement and other programs that help the agency protect the environment and workers, as part of an effort to reverse climate change and to make sure the agency does not “materially affect” the economy.

This article has been updated to include a statement from the EPA and White House.

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