In many countries, the idea of regional variation has taken on greater significance in the past decade or so.

Australia is no exception, and the latest census data shows a significant increase in regional variation in terms of ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, and regional accents.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released regional-diversity maps last week, showing how different regions are different in terms for language, culture and regional accent.

Here are some examples: Sydney has the highest proportion of regional accents in the country, with more than half of residents speaking one or more regional languages.

The Sydney metropolitan area has a regional dialect of English and French, as well as an indigenous Australian language.

The regional accents are also common in the Northern Territory and the Northern Rivers.

The Southern Highlands is the second-highest regional accent in Australia, with a high proportion of speakers of a mixture of regional and Aboriginal languages.

It has been the home to the Aussie-origin population of about 8.5 per cent for more than a century.

There is also a high regional concentration of Indigenous Australians, particularly in the Southern Highlands.

The northern-central part of the state of New South Wales has been home to Aboriginal people for thousands of years, but the population has dropped to just over 2,000 in recent decades.

This is partly due to the closure of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services Corporation in 2001.

It’s estimated that about 100 people speak the AIS language and culture.

In the Northern River region, more than 40 per cent of the population speaks the Aboriginal language and cultural language.

It is a language spoken by about 6,000 people, including children.

The region also has a significant concentration of Aboriginal people, particularly the Kimberley.

There are also regional accents that have become more prevalent over the years, such as in the Mackay region, where about 80 per cent speak an Aboriginal dialect.

The South Australian capital, Adelaide, has a very diverse population.

In fact, the region has one of the highest proportions of Aboriginal residents in Australia.

The southern part of Western Australia has a more urbanised and urbanised environment, and this has been influenced by the presence of Aboriginal Australians in the state’s population.

Indigenous Australians have been living in the region for centuries, and many are proud of this.

However, they are not always welcome.

Aboriginal communities have been forced to relocate to remote areas of the Kimberleys, and have been hit hard by climate change and resource extraction.

It seems to me that the time has come to recognise the importance of regional variations and regional dialects.

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