The Australian Capital Territory is being touted as an example of a region that’s “getting a boost” from regionalisation.

Key points: The Australian capital is a regional capital with a mix of urban, rural and suburban areas The capital city of Canberra has become the biggest city in Australia’s regional capital, with more than a million residents The NT capital of Darwin has a population of around 1.3 million, while the ACT capital of Canberra is around 1 million.

The region’s population has been growing faster than the rest of Australia since the 1980s and has been in the top ten in the world for the past three decades, according to the US Census.

“In terms of the growth, there is a lot of evidence of a regional bias in Australia,” Dr Scott Worthen, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of New South Wales, said.

“The metropolitan centres of the south-east, north-east and western areas, and the rest, are more urbanised and more urbanising, so are being drawn into metropolitan centres.”

It’s very hard to explain the growth of the NT, but there are several reasons why.

One is the migration of people into the NT.

“Another is that the population of the region is very healthy.”

Dr Worthel said the capital’s population growth, with its growth rate of more than two per cent per year, was an indicator of a “very healthy regional population”.

“If you look at the growth in the NT in terms of its population and its growth, the capital is actually getting a much bigger growth rate than the NT’s,” he said.”[There’s] a pretty good link between the population and the GDP of the capital.”

“The capital city is actually growing very fast, but the rest is also getting a bigger growth in its GDP.”

But Dr Worthe said the city’s growth was also “pretty consistent across the country”.

“It varies a little bit from place to place, but you see a pretty consistent pattern of the metropolitan areas growing faster in the south, north and east of the city, and then the rest,” he explained.

The NT capital is getting a big boost’Dr Wonthe said regionalisation was also a positive for the NT as it had been under pressure from the federal government to make up for the lack of development in the region.””

So, in a sense, that’s indicative of regionalism in terms it’s getting a bit more support in terms its a regional city.”‘

The NT capital is getting a big boost’Dr Wonthe said regionalisation was also a positive for the NT as it had been under pressure from the federal government to make up for the lack of development in the region.

“We know that there is demand for jobs in the capital city, particularly in the mining industry,” he told ABC Radio NT.

“That’s been a very positive trend in terms that’s driven a lot by the mining boom, the construction boom, tourism and the economy of the mining regions.”

There’s been an increase in regionalism as well, which I think is important.

“But I think it also has some disadvantages because there are some people who live in the more urban parts of the country who don’t want to move into a region, and so it means that there’s a little extra burden to deal with.”

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