An outbreak of the new coronavirus has forced the government to issue new guidance to doctors on how to deal with a rising number of cases and infections.

The guidance comes after the government published its National Health Service strategy to combat the spread of the virus in the UK.

The government says it is taking “unprecedented measures” to keep people safe from the coronaviruses.

The guidelines outline how to manage cases and help treat patients, as well as how to make sure hospitals are equipped to cope with a pandemic.

The aim is to reduce the numbers of patients infected and the number of infections and deaths.

In the UK, coronaviral deaths in 2017 stood at 5,500.

Health officials say it is too early to tell whether the pandemic will affect the UK’s ability to contain the pandemics spread.

But they are warning that more cases and deaths are likely in the next few weeks.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that coronavires will continue to be an important public health issue in the coming weeks and months,” the government’s national strategy states.

It also warns against “unusual or risky” travel.

“We are taking unprecedented measures to ensure that we can control the spread and reduce the risk of exposure to people in the community and the wider public,” the NHS said.

The NHS strategy outlines some of the measures that are being taken to prevent an outbreak.

It states: “The Government recognises the increasing importance of health professionals to protect patients and communities from the spread, but recognises that we cannot prevent coronavillosis in the context of an ongoing global pandemic.”

“In order to protect the public, the Government is undertaking a comprehensive programme of public awareness and communication.”

In 2018, the UK recorded a record number of new coronave infections, with more than 20,000 people infected, according to the NHS.

It said the increase in infections is mainly due to the coronave vaccine being available for sale in the market.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said in February that the UK had more than 30,000 new coronaves.

The number of deaths has risen to more than 11,500, with almost 12,000 of those deaths linked to coronavivirus.

The UK has been on a roll since the pandivirus outbreak in China last year, and there has been a marked decline in cases.

In March, it was the second-most-infected country in the world.

UK has a history of high coronavovirus infections, the highest since the US, according, according the CDC.

A report from the CDC last month warned that a large proportion of cases in the US are being linked to overseas travel.