A new continent has been discovered and explored for the first time in Africa.

The region, known as Savanna Region, has been named after a character from a television show that was popular at the time.

According to The New York Times, the region was discovered by researchers in Uganda and is believed to be part of a much larger region known as Kano.

The researchers used satellite data to find the region’s topography and geographic features.

Savanna is located near the African continent of Equatorial Guinea, and it is home to an estimated 400 million people.

It is also the most densely populated region in the world, with an estimated 2.5 million people living in the region.

The discovery has reignited the debate over the possibility of a continent of the future.

According the study, the Kano region was once inhabited by more than 1.5 billion people.

However, it has shrunk due to a rise in poverty, and the region is now experiencing a slow recovery.

The Kano area is currently home to about 500,000 people.

According The Times, it is believed that the region could have a population of one million within the next 100 years.

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