Davaos capital is in the hands of the government and has long been a favourite destination for tourists.

It was also the first of its kind in the Philippines.

But now it is the first province in the country to join the rest of the country in the province’s independence and independence movement.

The new province will be named in honor of the city of Davaokas founder, Jose Pimentel Sr.

In the last few years, a number of provinces have been declared as provinces in the new state.

In the Davaoan region, it was called Davaoland, after the region’s capital, a place that became a symbol of independence for Filipinos after independence.

The name change is being seen as a symbolic gesture by the country’s leaders.

The province will not be the only one to be declared as a province in a new province, though.

A similar move has already been made in Mindanao province.

In Mindanaan province, which is the province of the same name in the northern Philippines, the state declared a new provincial name of Pangasinan on March 1, 2018.

The state said the move was to honor Pangas, a city that was also renamed after Pimentels father, Jose.

“We feel proud of our province and of the people of our region and we are also proud to be part of the province and to be able to proudly call it Pangan,” state governor Alvaro Alvarado told reporters in Manila on Tuesday.

He said the decision was in line with the Philippine government’s plans to become a province with an official name.

“Our province is already officially named and we will continue to honor our name,” he said.

Pangayan has the same title as the other three provinces in Mindanas home state.

The name change has caused a stir in the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

Pimentellas name was one of the main reasons for the formation of the state, which was formed in the early 1960s to form the countrys northernmost province.

It has since expanded to include parts of southern Mindanae, which are in the center of the new province.

President Rodrigo Duterte recently declared the new provinces province of Aquino and Pangalaganan as part of his efforts to create a single unified country in a bid to make the country more independent from the rest, a move that was applauded by many Filipinos.

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