A group of Indians decided to set one up for themselves in the savanna to make a new life for themselves.

The group of people who set up the kingdom in India called the “Khan Samaan Kingdom” in March.

The group is a community of farmers, traders, farmers’ sons and their wives.

The king is an important figure in the group.

He has a special place in the hearts of the people, as his grandfather, King Rama, was the first king to establish a kingdom in this region in 1523.

The people of the kingdom are now living in peace.

But they don’t just live in peace with the king, they also have a special relationship with him.

They are the only ones who have access to him.

The king himself, King Vaishnava, was not allowed to see them.

“He is the only person in the whole world who can see the kingdom.

We are a community that is so close to him,” said Tariq Akhtar, who was the leader of the group and now heads the Mahalakshmi Community Foundation.

The foundation has set up two centres, one in Gujarat and one in Delhi, where they have established two schools and a mosque.

There is also a kirana, or library, in the centre of the village.

The children of the farmers’ families have been given a chance to go to school in a special building built by the foundation.

“We decided to have the children of these families as the first people in the village and then they can also see the village for themselves,” said Akhtar.

“It is an opportunity for them to experience a village and learn about its history,” he said.

The school will also be used to teach the children about history and culture.

The students will also learn about the traditional ways of farming.

“A kiran has a very special place, for we are from the region and this is the first time that they can learn about farming in their village,” said Abid, who works in a shop in the area.

“The farmers’ descendants from the village have always been farming and they are the ones who started this project.

Now we have a new way of life,” he added.

The land in the new kingdom has a lot of natural beauty.

It is very rich in natural resources and there is a lot to see in the region, Akhtar said.

“I am a farmer, so I can’t wait to start my new life,” said Sarthak, a farmer who also works in the local area.

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