Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte urges citizens to fight drug gangs

Philippine President Duterte on Monday urged citizens to unite against the drug gangs that he said are the main drivers of violence in the country.

“It is time for a unified fight against drug gangs, but also against drug users, drug pushers, drug dealers, drug lords,” Duterte said during his weekly address to the nation.

“There are drug addicts everywhere.

It’s a problem.

There is a drug war here, a drug menace that we can all understand.

So I would urge you to unite with us.

The time has come to unite,” he said.

The Philippine president also urged the public to take up arms to fight the drug menace.

“I would say it again: Do not be a pawn of the drug cartels.

Take up arms, do not be victims, take up the fight,” he added.

Duterte’s comments came on the heels of a report by Philippine media that alleged the Philippine military was using drug-resistant T-72 tanks to wage war against drug cartels in the southern city of Davao.

The president has denied the reports and has warned that the armed forces will respond with force against the “rogue” drug gangs.

The Davao City mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, has called for his soldiers to join forces with the police and military to fight against the cartels, which he said have grown in number in the city.

The President has also called on the military to stop the killings of drug suspects and other crimes committed by drug lords, saying they are fueling the drug trade.

Bicol region to be given regional identity

Bicol Region in India is to be recognised as a separate region in a bid to make the region more self-sufficient, the country’s minister of state for external affairs has said.

Mr G.R. Joshi said the move would ensure that “the region remains united and self-reliant, as well as being a strong economic, social and cultural entity”.

The region, which lies about 600 kilometres east of the capital, New Delhi, is home to around 15 million people and is in the northeastern part of India.

Mr Joshi, who took over the role in May, said the designation would help the region “re-enter the global economy, and also provide for economic development for the local people and to build on the development of the region”.

Mr Joshy said regionalism would also help to create a culture of respect and tolerance, which is what the region’s residents have been seeking since Independence.

He said the decision was taken in consultation with local stakeholders and the Indian Council of Historical Research.

The minister said the region would also be given a special status under the India-Pakistan Treaty of 1971.

“The purpose of the decision is to ensure that Bicol is given its regional identity,” he said.

“This is an integral part of our policy and it is an important component of our foreign policy.”

Mr Joshiyapat said the declaration of the Bicol Regional Region was “a clear recognition of the importance of the community and its unique position in the Indian context”.

“It is also an opportunity to showcase the region to the world and the world will see this as a positive step in our strategic plan.”

The declaration of a Bicol regional state will not affect the existing autonomy granted to the region under the Indian constitution.

India has been seeking recognition of a regional state since 2002.

Mr Joshi’s comments come ahead of the 25th anniversary of the formation of the state, which began on February 22, 1962.

India: An Introduction

A reader’s guide to India:An Introduction (India: An introduction, India, 2011)A review of India: The Indian Journey by Michael BancroftA History of India by Michael J. Sullivan A New India: A History of the Nation by David J. CrouchA History and Culture of India and its People by Michael P. O’HanlonA History Of India: Its Origins, Development and Current Status by Michael A. OakesA History And Its Culture: An Introductory Guide To India by William C. Brown

How to pronounce ‘Bicol’

NEW YORK — When you’re in the Caribbean, it’s easy to get confused.

It’s easy for your tongue to slip into other languages when it comes to the words that you hear on the radio, the TV shows, the movies and even in your local grocery store.

But when it’s time to get out to the ocean, you’re probably not familiar with the words.

That’s because of the region of the Caribbean called the Bicol, which is home to some of the world’s most exotic fish and other marine life.

There are several Bicol islands.

The most recent one, known as La Rota, is a large island that stretches about 200 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the largest coral reefs in the world.

The other two, St. Martin and St. Helena, are smaller islands with about 60 miles of coastline and about two dozen miles of coral reefs.

St. Martin is home of some of New York’s most endangered fish, including the endangered bullhead shark, the endangered sea turtle and the rare blue fin tuna.

The shark, which lives in the deep ocean, has been threatened with extinction for many years.

As for the other reefs, St George, St Martin and Saint Helena are home to several species of dolphins, and there are even rare birds.

The Bicol has a diverse coastline, with islands like St. Mary and St Martin as well as the islands of St. Thomas, St Martins and St Thomas, where you’ll find coral reefs, and some of those reefs are so remote that even the closest fish to land cannot spot them.

So it’s not surprising that some people can get confused by the names of the Bols.

Bols are native to the Borneo region of Southeast Asia.

They have a long history of use in the region and even some European nations, but the first use of the word Bols was in the 19th century, according to the Smithsonian Institution.

In the early 20th century Bols became a popular term to describe the Caribbean region, especially in the North, where it was also used to describe all of the island nations of the Western Hemisphere, the Smithsonian says.

Over the years the term was shortened and used in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, according the Smithsonian.

And in the early 1980s, the term Bols came to be used to refer to the entire region of Caribbean nations, including Jamaica, which has its own Bols-language Wikipedia page.

According to the British Museum, Bols were first used in Europe in the 17th century.

By the 19 and 20th centuries they were used throughout the Americas, and are still in use in many parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well in Australia and the Caribbean islands.

For centuries the Bol has been a staple food in the Bologna region of Italy, where the fish was eaten as a condiment and also as a traditional medicine, the museum says.

For centuries the fish has been part of the diet of many people of Bolognese, but for some, including some in the royal family, it was an obsession, according a statement from the British museum.

“They wanted to preserve the tradition of Bols and to make it as healthy as possible,” the statement said.

“For many Bolognas, BOLs were a source of pride and pride in their heritage.”

Although the word “Bol” originated in the 18th century as a nickname for a Bolognian merchant who was known to trade in fish, it has since come to mean a number of things, including one that is also often used to denote an African slave: Black Africans.

Its origin is the Black-headed Gull, a large black bird that is a symbol of black Africans, and the Black Gull was used as a symbol for African slaves, according one of its origins.

Today it is the most common bird in the Americas and is the first bird to be brought into Europe from Africa, according both the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History.

It is not just Bols that have gotten a bad rap.

The name “Bols” has been used as the epithet for African Americans, but that was a racist term and the term “Black American” was originally used as an insult against black people, according several sources in the media.

Black Americans were not allowed to vote in the U.S. until 1948, but they continued to be disenfranchised until 1970, when the Supreme Court ruled that states could pass laws that discriminated against blacks, according an online source for the story.

Since then, Black Americans have been a major political force in the country, especially as the Democratic Party became the dominant party in the nation.

When to wear shorts

By Lauren HagerstromPosted April 05, 2019 07:08:55The best way to get your best results when you’re competing in a sport like cycling, rowing or swimming is to wear short shorts.

In the sport of rowing, you can expect to see many shorts at competitions.

This is because rowing is all about form, and there’s a lot of that in a race.

But if you’re just starting out, shorts aren’t as necessary as they might be at first.

As a rowing coach, I can tell you that the first time you see shorts in your gymnasium, you might be surprised at how comfortable they are.

That’s because roiling is all in the form.

The form is the one thing that matters most, so if you can wear shorts without feeling awkward, that’s the best way.

But if you start rowing at a young age, you may be surprised to find that shorts don’t necessarily get you as far as they could.

You’ll need to start using them for the right reasons, which means making sure that they are comfortable and not too tight.

If you are wearing shorts at a competitive level, you will probably be better off with a more comfortable style.

Here are the basics of wearing shorts:1.

The most important thing to do when you wear shorts:2.

How to wear them correctly:3.

How long to wear your shorts.1.

Wear shorts that fit you.

You can wear them under clothes and you can put them on if you want, but you must be careful to keep them clean.

Wear them loose, because shorts are soft, so they may feel like they are flapping around inside your shorts when you don’t wear them.

This may be a bad thing.

If that’s not possible, try to wear loose shorts with loose clothing.2.

Avoid shorts that are too tight or too loose.

It will make you look more confident, but it will also make you feel uncomfortable.

Wear loose shorts, but avoid shorts that have a lot to do with the shape of your shorts and can be difficult to put on.

You don’t want shorts that feel like you’re wearing a dress, so try to avoid them.

If it’s tight, try putting them on tight, and if it’s loose, try wearing them loose with clothes or shoes.3.

When to use shorts:You should wear shorts as much as you can in a given race.

You want to be able to see your shape, your form, your stride, and your position in a particular race.

However, when you use shorts, it’s best to do so sparingly.

If your shorts don to fit properly, you won’t be able see your form or stride, which will hurt your overall performance.

If shorts are too loose, they can feel like a big hoop on your hips or your legs.

Try to wear as little of them as possible.4.

When not to wear briefs:When you are in shorts, you are not able to move around the course, and that can be a problem.

You might think that shorts are supposed to be the best solution for those who have to swim or rowing races.

But shorts can actually slow you down.

You have to learn to breathe.

When you are on the course and you have to make a decision about when to swim, the fastest way to do it is to swim with your shorts on.

So, when your shorts are not needed, wear a sports bra or sports t-shirt.5.

When using shorts:If you want to do more rowing with your swim shorts, use a sports turtleneck or sports bra to help you get in position and move faster.

If possible, do this while you’re standing up or kneeling.

You won’t need your shorts to get you on the water.

If necessary, try a sport bra to wear when you swim with the turtlenecks or sports bras.

When swimming with the sports bra, use the straps to hold the bra down and hold your hips as you move around.

If using a sports tee to wear, wear it over your swim cap.6.

When wearing shorts for competitive purposes:If shorts are a way to show off your form and look more professional than you would be wearing them under other clothes, you should probably stick to them.

You will not get as much out of them, but if you do want to compete in a competition, you need to look your best.

And when you compete, shorts are an important part of your appearance.

If you are racing, wearing shorts in the heat of competition is not going to help.

You are going to sweat, your legs will feel tight and your skin will become sweaty.

If this happens, you’ll be too tired to be competitive.

If the heat and humidity of a competition makes you sweat, then your shorts will probably feel tight, too

‘We are a lot better than we’ve ever been’: Pope to lay flowers at funeral of ‘hero’ Syrian refugee

By John Dolan The Pope has laid flowers at the funeral of “hero” Syrian refugee Nour Al-Zaydan, who was killed by an Israeli tank shell in a crossing at the Lebanese border in 2012.

It was the first time that a Syrian refugee had been laid to rest in Lebanon.

Al-Yaman, who had fled from Aleppo, was killed in an Israeli attack on an Aleppo crossing in July 2012.

“My father would not accept the reality that there is no future for him in Syria,” his widow said in a statement released by the Vatican.

“He would not let the world accept him, he would not allow the world to forget him.”

Pope Francis was speaking at the start of a four-day visit to the Mediterranean island nation, where the Vatican is helping build a new centre for refugees.

The pontiff said the refugees were an inspiration to others.

“They are the ones who are fighting for justice and justice in this world.

They are the heroes of the human rights struggle,” he said.

He also welcomed Syrian refugees to Lebanon and urged the Lebanese government to take in Syrian refugees.

“I hope that the Lebanese state will help all of the refugees, even the ones that are already in Lebanon,” he added.

Syrian refugees have been among the first to make the perilous journey from war-torn Syria to Europe.

But since the start at least January, the Syrian refugee crisis has become a source of frustration for the European Union and for the United States.

In a bid to stem the flow, European nations have started to restrict the number of Syrian refugees in their countries.

The United States, which has been one of the few allies of Israel in the Syrian conflict, said it would take a “strong and credible” stance against Syrian refugees, despite the Pope’s call.

How to introduce regional variation

In many countries, the idea of regional variation has taken on greater significance in the past decade or so.

Australia is no exception, and the latest census data shows a significant increase in regional variation in terms of ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, and regional accents.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released regional-diversity maps last week, showing how different regions are different in terms for language, culture and regional accent.

Here are some examples: Sydney has the highest proportion of regional accents in the country, with more than half of residents speaking one or more regional languages.

The Sydney metropolitan area has a regional dialect of English and French, as well as an indigenous Australian language.

The regional accents are also common in the Northern Territory and the Northern Rivers.

The Southern Highlands is the second-highest regional accent in Australia, with a high proportion of speakers of a mixture of regional and Aboriginal languages.

It has been the home to the Aussie-origin population of about 8.5 per cent for more than a century.

There is also a high regional concentration of Indigenous Australians, particularly in the Southern Highlands.

The northern-central part of the state of New South Wales has been home to Aboriginal people for thousands of years, but the population has dropped to just over 2,000 in recent decades.

This is partly due to the closure of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services Corporation in 2001.

It’s estimated that about 100 people speak the AIS language and culture.

In the Northern River region, more than 40 per cent of the population speaks the Aboriginal language and cultural language.

It is a language spoken by about 6,000 people, including children.

The region also has a significant concentration of Aboriginal people, particularly the Kimberley.

There are also regional accents that have become more prevalent over the years, such as in the Mackay region, where about 80 per cent speak an Aboriginal dialect.

The South Australian capital, Adelaide, has a very diverse population.

In fact, the region has one of the highest proportions of Aboriginal residents in Australia.

The southern part of Western Australia has a more urbanised and urbanised environment, and this has been influenced by the presence of Aboriginal Australians in the state’s population.

Indigenous Australians have been living in the region for centuries, and many are proud of this.

However, they are not always welcome.

Aboriginal communities have been forced to relocate to remote areas of the Kimberleys, and have been hit hard by climate change and resource extraction.

It seems to me that the time has come to recognise the importance of regional variations and regional dialects.

How the Trump administration will reshape the U.S. coal industry

A key part of Trump’s energy strategy is the rolling back of Obama-era regulations aimed at protecting the coal industry from mountaintop removal mining.

But it’s a strategy that could have unforeseen consequences.

article Politico title Trump says ‘there are going to be consequences’ for coal miners article Trump has pledged to withdraw the U,S.

from the Paris climate accord, but has not outlined any specific plans for how he will achieve that goal.

The administration has not provided any details on how it plans to comply with the agreement.

In a speech in April, Trump said that he will try to use the leverage of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to force other countries to “change their ways.”

The administration is also planning to roll back an Obama-imposed rule requiring coal-mining companies to report on their pollution.

In June, the U.,S.

Department of Labor said it will impose an additional 1.6 million regulations on the coal mining industry over the next 10 years, according to the Hill.

The White House did not respond to questions from Politico about how it intends to comply.

Trump has also promised to end the rule, saying that he intends to work with Congress to change it.

The White House has said that it will not enforce any of the new regulations on coal companies, including the new rule requiring them to submit their pollution data to the EPA.

The rule was finalized in the early years of the Trump presidency.

In a recent speech to the National Mining Association, a trade group for the mining industry, Trump made a broader push to reverse environmental regulations, but only if Congress agrees to “make good on the promises” he made during the campaign.

“We have to be able to negotiate and have a good trade agreement, so that when the miners come home they come home feeling that their jobs are safe and that they have their money,” Trump said.

Trump also has vowed to cut off payments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for carbon pollution.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has promised to reverse that policy, saying it was “completely wrong and immoral” and that he is willing to renegotiate the deal with Congress if Congress fails to do so.

Last week, the White House unveiled plans to slash the EPA’s budget by $6 billion and slash enforcement and other programs that help the agency protect the environment and workers, as part of an effort to reverse climate change and to make sure the agency does not “materially affect” the economy.

This article has been updated to include a statement from the EPA and White House.

How to get started with regional variations

2 comments Posted October 24, 2018 12:19:59In an effort to improve regional diversity, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has created a new regional variation in its regional variation toolkit, which now includes regional variations for a wide range of crops and foods.

The regional variations toolkit was introduced in 2018, but has only been available to farmers for the past five years.

The toolkit provides a broad and comprehensive set of regional variations to help farmers plan their farm and farm-related activities.

Farmers can then use the regional variations database to research potential opportunities and opportunities for their businesses.

The USDA’s regional variation database is an interactive map that provides detailed information on regional variation across the U, and it will allow farmers to better understand the challenges and opportunities in their region.

For example, a farmer can access the regional variation map for an area and then view the geographic information in that area on the map.

The map will also allow farmers a detailed view of the potential locations of potential new locations for their farms, and a map showing potential locations for new and existing farms, as well as the potential impact of any new agricultural land acquisition in the area.

The map will help farmers decide which potential sites to acquire in the future, and will help them to understand how they can best utilize land in the areas where they plan to plant crops.

The regional variations tools also help farmers make better business decisions.

The database will help producers to plan for the future of their farms.

Farmers may be able to plan to grow their crops on land in an area that is located near an existing farmer’s farm, or they may be planning to plant their crops closer to a farm that already has a farm.

The USDA said that because of the diversity of the region, it is important for producers to understand the potential impacts of a potential change in land use in their area.

To learn more about the regional differences toolkit and how to use it, check out the following resources:

Which countries are the ones getting a boost from regionalism?

The Australian Capital Territory is being touted as an example of a region that’s “getting a boost” from regionalisation.

Key points: The Australian capital is a regional capital with a mix of urban, rural and suburban areas The capital city of Canberra has become the biggest city in Australia’s regional capital, with more than a million residents The NT capital of Darwin has a population of around 1.3 million, while the ACT capital of Canberra is around 1 million.

The region’s population has been growing faster than the rest of Australia since the 1980s and has been in the top ten in the world for the past three decades, according to the US Census.

“In terms of the growth, there is a lot of evidence of a regional bias in Australia,” Dr Scott Worthen, a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of New South Wales, said.

“The metropolitan centres of the south-east, north-east and western areas, and the rest, are more urbanised and more urbanising, so are being drawn into metropolitan centres.”

It’s very hard to explain the growth of the NT, but there are several reasons why.

One is the migration of people into the NT.

“Another is that the population of the region is very healthy.”

Dr Worthel said the capital’s population growth, with its growth rate of more than two per cent per year, was an indicator of a “very healthy regional population”.

“If you look at the growth in the NT in terms of its population and its growth, the capital is actually getting a much bigger growth rate than the NT’s,” he said.”[There’s] a pretty good link between the population and the GDP of the capital.”

“The capital city is actually growing very fast, but the rest is also getting a bigger growth in its GDP.”

But Dr Worthe said the city’s growth was also “pretty consistent across the country”.

“It varies a little bit from place to place, but you see a pretty consistent pattern of the metropolitan areas growing faster in the south, north and east of the city, and then the rest,” he explained.

The NT capital is getting a big boost’Dr Wonthe said regionalisation was also a positive for the NT as it had been under pressure from the federal government to make up for the lack of development in the region.””

So, in a sense, that’s indicative of regionalism in terms it’s getting a bit more support in terms its a regional city.”‘

The NT capital is getting a big boost’Dr Wonthe said regionalisation was also a positive for the NT as it had been under pressure from the federal government to make up for the lack of development in the region.

“We know that there is demand for jobs in the capital city, particularly in the mining industry,” he told ABC Radio NT.

“That’s been a very positive trend in terms that’s driven a lot by the mining boom, the construction boom, tourism and the economy of the mining regions.”

There’s been an increase in regionalism as well, which I think is important.

“But I think it also has some disadvantages because there are some people who live in the more urban parts of the country who don’t want to move into a region, and so it means that there’s a little extra burden to deal with.”

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